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08 Jan

To all of my readers,

I recently spent some time assisting my  mother-n-law with her daily needs, due to a fractured pelvis. We spent countless hours sitting on her swing discussing her parents, her life as a girl,  and special moments raising her children. Our evenings were  filled with ritualistic activities such as closing all of the blinds, turning on all of the outdoor lights, night lights and removing items close to the night lights to prevent a fire. Bath time was particularly interesting due to the difficulty getting in and out of a bath, therefore a shower chair was introduced to accomplish our goal. I couldn’t help but notice the ritualistic way she showered, ending her shower by extending each leg independently towards the front of the tub, with the agility and flexibility of a young gymnast. She vigorously applied a copious amount of soap on a cloth meticulously weaving the cloth in and out of  her toes to assure each were clean. I eventually returned home, anxiously attending to my errands and household chores left undone. I absentmindedly walked into the bath to put some towels away when I witnessed my husband working a soapy cloth in and out of each of his toes while showering. I was overcome with emotion; for in my minds eye I was immediately transformed to a special time in the past,

Where I visualized  a young mother lovingly teaching her little boy how to properly cleanse between each of his little toes. 




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