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24 Jan

A Sehmi House Christmas


Twas the night before Christmas
In the Sehmi house
Papa’s curry was stirring
Being prepared for our mouths

All of the presents
Wrapped and taped
Still no sign of that bird
Since he escaped

The fire place is lit
And on the mantle sits that tusk
Here comes maw maw
Smelling like Jovan musk

There is plenty to eat
With a selection of drinks and beer
Is it just me or
Does the tree get smaller each year?

Gifts for all
whether their nice or naughty
Here comes Honey
With aunt Shebbi and uncle Scotty

Westley’s on the ground
Trying to crawl
Zoe sitting next to him
So she doesn’t have any withdrawals

Geri Marie sitting at the counter
Getting the samosas wrapped
Papa tells Jerry Lee
I need your help out back

Mia proposes Josh buy her a horse
Hoping that he’ll take the bait
While Brady asks Jennifer
Can you make my plate?

Everyone sitting down
The food is great
Here comes Sarah and the kids
Running a little late

Colin and Ethan in the corner
Playing some Madden
Five years later
What’s Wills last name…Cadden

Di laughs at Danni
While she acts like a buffoon
I wonder if Ava
Made more of those delicious macaroons

Casey announced the talent show
The family couldn’t wait
Uncle Pete laughed
As he is not going to participate

The evening is nice
All is pleasant
Then Zane and Reagan ask
Can we open the presents?

Daniel prepares to call names
Hoping to remain intact
As he stares down an army of kids
Ready to attack

They ripped open the presents
And left the trash in place
Lana goes to get her gift
Then trips and lands on her face

Zeke and Shiloh argue
They began to shout
Until Jeremy says stop that
Before I get the paddle out

I hope everyone’s Christmas
Is full of cheer
I look forward to doing this
Again next year

Celebrate Jesus
He is the light
Good night to all
And to all a good night

Witten by: Will Cadden

2 Responses to A Sehmi House Christmas

  1. Sandi Burton

    January 24, 2016 at 4:39 pm

    OH MY GOODNESS…….isn’t this great……..Will included it ALLLLLLLL !!!
    WONDERFUL !!!!!!!

  2. Cheryl Lewis

    January 25, 2016 at 1:37 pm

    Yes he did a great job! I was very impressed he included so many people.

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