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20 Nov

A Spiritual Revolution



I feel we are all capable of recapturing the joy of our youth.  We must evaluate what robbed us of it in the first place. The culprit could be exposure to toxic notions, ideas or individuals.

It could be a societal mindset that as adults we are to keep our noses to the grindstone, producing, never to experience anything fun again.

Retraining yourself to see life through the eyes of a child would take cultivating a mindful state of being, totally focusing on the task, beauty or individual before you. It would require addressing but not meditating on negative circumstances around you. It would require instituting a certain level of faith into your life, not fretting or floundering about concerning negative circumstances swirling around you. And the most exciting thing on this road of discovery would be to tap into an activity that excites you!

Good luck

Cheryl Lewis


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