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04 Sep

Spiritual Revolution

Faith of a child



The faith of a child is not skeptical, fearful or full of doubt.

I think our faith is limited, when we are consumed with emotions of fear and doubt due to our current circumstances.

The definition of faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen. I define faith with my salvation experience. When I embraced salvation, I was hoping for a transformation. What I experienced immediately was what I know now to be, two of the nine fruits of the spirit, joy and peace. I later experienced a revelation of Gods existence. Now I recognize his existence everywhere. This is why I define faith with my salvation experience. The transformation I hoped for was the substance of Joy and peace, the evidence of things not seen is feeling his presence all around me daily.

If we are distracted by the negative circumstances swirling around us, we may sink into a skeptical, fearful state of mind, full of doubt and unbelief.

The scripture speaks of Jesus bidding Peter to step out of the boat and come to him. Peter stepped out of the boat and walked towards Jesus, walking on water as Jesus had.  I’m sure Peter was thinking, “Wow! This is great! I’m walking on water!!”  It was not until Peter took his eyes off Jesus, looking to his right and left that he began to sink. Peter started to experience fear when he saw the large swells and heard the howling wind. Fear of the circumstances around him prevented him from reaching his destination.





                                                                                 Embrace  faith as a child  

                                                                                 Christian, Kylie and Rick


rick and family praying at alter (2)


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