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01 Jan

Empowering Children
Empowering a young person is the act of placing tools in a child’s hands, enabling him to soar above the adversity and confusion swirling around him in our current society. Empowerment gives a young person the confidence and self-assurance needed for survival.
When a person is sure of who they are, they are not likely to be thrown to and fro by the influence of others.
Most individuals are influenced by others when:
1. They do not have a clear definition of who they are.
2. They do not feel valued.
3. They do not have a clear belief system.
Empower our young people, by allowing them to be themselves. Not an extension of us, but who they were created to be. An individual is empowered when they recognize they are gifted with a specific set of attributes, given to them for the specific path, chosen specifically for them.
Empowering an individual consists of forgiveness, Affirmation & Validation, Observation, Obtaining & Organizing.



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  1. Harriet

    January 16, 2017 at 8:17 pm

    Thanks for the reinforcement information to keep me on track in raising my grandSON.

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