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30 Nov

Remaining in the Eye of the storm

If anyone has ever witnessed a hurricane, they are familiar with the eye of the storm. The eye of the storm is a peaceful segment of time found in the center of the storm.
I believe we are all capable of living a peaceful daily existence, regardless of what rages around us. Let’s refer to this peaceful existence as being in the eye of the storm.
Finding the eye of the storm in one’s life takes a little effort, but I feel we are all capable of finding it.
Several things I have found that help me remain in the eye of the storm

1. Rest

2. Daily exercise

3. Daily Meditation

4. Be at peace

5. Guard your heart – part one

6. Guard your heart – part two

7. Guard your heart – part three

8. Keep your eye on the prize

9. Knowing who you are.

A. Acknowledging your attributes
B. Acknowledging your weaknesses.
C. Acknowledging your Limitations

These are a few of the daily exercises, I have practiced over the years. These exercises have helped me remain in a peaceful place, while chaos raged around me.



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