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08 Dec

I was slowly losing faith in humanity with the constant barrage of inflammatory verbal rhetoric on television, concerning anyone and everyone in politics, lack of compassion and love throughout my daily interactions with others and throughout the world. Keeping this in mind, I would like to share an amazing experience I encountered with an amazing individual on Thanksgiving Day.

I awaken every morning uttering thanksgiving for all my blessings and special prayers for all of those I love, so 11/23/17 thanksgiving morning was no different. My husband was suffering from Flu like symptoms, so we would not be sharing our meal with friends and loved ones, but I was Thankful non-the less. I decided to run an errand prior to our meal, while driving I received a call from the new owner of a home my husband and I built in 2010 In Villa Lago subdivision In Sandestin, Florida. We sold the home in 2014, The home was occupied by another owner prior to the current one. My first thought when she identified herself as the new owner of the home was she may be looking for compensation, for a leak or something catastrophic. My husband was not only the owner of the home, but the contractor as well. After identifying herself she stated how much she loved the special things about the home, I was relieved. She also shared that she had misplaced her wallet with $200 and searched her home high and low, she stated she did not find her wallet but may have found something that belonged to us. After a few questions concerning our personal habits and business dealings she disclosed she had found $4000 in $50 bills in a sealed bank envelope that belonged to us from 2010. She knew it was ours due to the bank and our holiday habits. You see my husband has a habit of blessing the “working man” as he so affectionately refers to them, when they work overtime or around the holidays. He also financially blesses the guards, trash men etc. around the Holidays as well. When I met this amazing woman to retrieve our lost cash, I asked her what prompted her to track us down, she quickly stated she had to try to find the rightful owner. She also said she knew she would be blessed beyond measure if she did the right thing.

I grew up with this belief as a Christian, but I have never had it work so generously in my favor. When I called my husband to tell him about the unusual find by this amazing woman, his first question was does she love the home? My reply, Yes. He then stated, we are blessed and highly favored. My reply, indeed we are.

Cheryl Lewis

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