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27 Apr

Life’s Lessons, “The heart of a loved one”

Are we worthy recipients of the heart that has been placed in our hands? The fragile beating heart of an individual who has entrusted us with their most valued life-force. This is basically what happens when we fall in love and commit our lives to one another. We place our heart into their hands for safe keeping. The same is true for those who fall in love with us, they place their heart into our hands for safe keeping. I question if I have been negligent with this treasure. If I protect the fragile beating life-force of the individual I love, to the best of my ability. Protecting ones heart is as obvious as acknowledging this individuals attributes and successes on a regular basis or as inconspicuous as expressing acceptance and compassion when your loved is vulnerable. Privately, committing to work through the vulnerable, painful moments together. Always being protective of your beloved, and cognizant of individuals who could harm his/her reputation or self-image. I personally vow to treasure this valued gift I have held so nonchalantly in my hands. I will try to cradle it in both of my hands to protect it from harm.






2 Responses to life lessons: “The heart of a loved one”

  1. Denise Thies

    December 23, 2016 at 1:29 pm

    What a wonderful and eye opening message of a gift so taken for granted sometimes.

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