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28 Nov

The Millennial Warrior



I recently visited with a group of nurses I worked with for many years and was introduced to the name “Millennial” used to describe our current generation Y. I was aware of the obvious differences in the current generation and mine, but had no idea a name had been assigned with a set of attributes and flaws. I must admit I felt as if I had climbed out from under a rock, but I also felt invigorated and curious about this amazing generation and the one following.

The Millennial generation also known as generation Y is a high-tech generation. This generation teethed on technology, embrace creative thinking, mindfulness and crave a sense of understanding and meaning concerning all around them. They may experience more stress due to the constant exposure to negative information. This generation may have a difficult time turning their devices off and separating themselves from the stressful social media setting.

The generation on the heels of the Millennial generation is generation x, and we can assume they are even more technical savvy and mindful than their predecessors.


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