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03 Dec

The Millennial Warrior

Shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace


Shod means to “bind under” or “strap on”. I have found this to be my favorite piece of armor. I have been known to lay my head on my pillow and sleep like a baby when all hell is raging around me. This peace truly does defy all understanding.

This basically is telling us to choose to live a peaceful existence, and be willing to share the knowledge of this wonderful experience with others. To maintain a peaceful mental state of mind while in the middle of a crisis, requires trust in your heavenly father.

What kind of warrior are you on the daily battlefield of life? Are you coming unhinged in traffic or when the check-out girl at your local grocery forgets to ring up one of your items? We all know a calm warrior is a steady well-balanced individual. An emotionally charged warrior is dangerous.

This is a spiritual war, you are a target of the enemy. His objective is that you are incapacitated.

During the Roman war, sticks were sharpened and placed in the ground to pierce the solders feet rendering them disabled. Even the most qualified solder can’t win the war if he can’t stand on his feet.

I once heard the feet is to the body as the will is to the soul, left to wander where we may, could lead an individual to a depraved place.


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